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AAAA Amnesia ($20.00 - $145.60)
  • AAAA Amnesia ($20.00 - $145.60)

    C$25.00 Regular Price
    C$20.00Sale Price

    Premium - AAAA


    Sativa Dominant Hybrid - 70% Sativa / 30% Indica


    THC: 24%


    Amnesia is a popular marijuana strain of the Sativa Dominant variety and has an extremely high THC level up to 24 percent. It has a flowering period of ten to 11 weeks and gives a heavy yield after that. Its genetic forerunners include Cinderella 99, Jack Herer and Skunk. Amnesia has lovely earthy flavours and aroma that are similar to that of citrus fruits, particularly lemons and oranges. It has an energetic, uplifting buzz that instantly brightens up your mood and day. Its genetics originate from the Jamaican Landrace and South Asian strains. It even won the first place in the Cannabis Cup 2014 and the Sativa Cup 2012. Since then, it has been commonly available in coffee shops in Amsterdam. It has a pleasant appearance and has a colour that is a mixture of lime and dark green. You will find several hairs and crystals packed inside. It has very strong effects on your body and will hit you hard after ten to 15 minutes of smoking it. Amnesia is great for killing your lethargy and helps you stay energetic. In addition to that, it is good for treating depression, anxiety and stress. Therefore, patients of these conditions can use it without any worry. It can also be used for relieving nausea and migraine.


    0.5 gram (Pre-Roll) x7 - $29.60

    1 gram (Pre-Roll) x7- $49.60

    3.5 grams (1/8 oz) - $20.00

    7 grams (1/4 oz) - $37.60

    14 grams (1/2 oz) - $73.60

    28 grams (1 oz) - $145.60

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